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Eos price in real time, is it advisable to buy it in 2021?

Eos is the name of the project that we invite you to discover today. Eos kesako? It is one of the most prominent digital currencies in the crypto-sphere. 

Do you want to know a little more about the price of the cryptocurrency Eos in real time, how its blockchain works or how to buy it? 

If so, then you've come to the right place. Come on, it's zoom time, let's dive into the Eos universe together.

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Eos price and value


When it was launched on the market in 2017, during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) boom, Eos was acclaimed by thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. At the time, bitcoin was eyeing around 15,000 euros (EUR) for the first time. Riding on this euphoria, Eos hit record prices. Since then, with the bear market pointing its nose, well supported by bears (bearish players in a financial market), the price of Eos has gone through a roller coaster. Despite these difficult beginnings, the token has maintained its place among the most important cryptos. Take a magnifying glass and let's take a closer look. 

Eos price in 2017


In June 2017, Eos organised, through the company, its fundraising via an ICO. It was a great success. Eos was the first crypto project to raise, for the first time in history, an all-time high $4 billion. At the time, on July 02, 2017, its market price was 1.08 euros. It then continued on an uptrend which, let's remember, was general in the crypto market. Despite the monstrous volatility, the price of Eos recorded an annual close of 7.30 euros, a resounding success for a first year of existence


Eos price in 2018 


At the start of 2018, the uptrend continued for Eos. Its price reached 13.31 euros on January 13 before collapsing to 3.78 euros two months later. In April 2018, positive news circulated: Eos was about to break free from the Ethereum blockchain. Its price had reacted too quickly to the news, exploding to 17.76 euros. As usual, strong downward pressure ensued. At the end of the year, an Eos coin was trading at a price of 2.24 euros. Yes, it's real, roller coasters do exist. 


Eos price in 2019 


Gradually, Eos resumed its course. In May 2019, in the midst of a bear market, its price reached an annual high of 7.64 euros. 5 months later, in October, the team behind the project was fined $ 26 million for organising "an unregistered ICO" with the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Several analyses have pointed to these legal troubles to justify the downward variation in the price of Eos. Indeed, the token had closed the year at the price of 2.30 euros.


Eos price in 2020 

Everything is going for Eos at the beginning of 2020. Its price will fetch 4.90 euros on February 12th. It then drops to 1.76 euros on March 14, in the midst of a stock market crisis (hello COVID19). Indeed, nothing serious this time, the analyses do not point to the single Eos, it is the entire stock market that had collapsed, from stocks to commodities, from bitcoin to the rest of crypto-currencies. At the end of the year, an Eos coin was trading around 2.11 euros.


Eos price in 2021 


2021 was the year of recovery, a year with a positive forecast for Eos and all cryptocurrencies. Even the prices of stocks, ETFs and commodities, like oil, have rebounded. Indeed, many companies, institutions and even one country, El Salvador, have rushed to bitcoin and cryptos. Eos took advantage of it, its price reached 11.83 euros on May 11, a few hours after the announcement of new financing for the project (by fundraising) to the tune of 10 billion dollars.  

Predicting the price and value of Eos


As we just saw, Eos held up well through several difficult times. The price of the token on the stock market had been in troubled waters since its creation in mid-2017. If Eos has managed to keep its value on the market, it is also thanks to its technological proposal. Indeed, the Eos blockchain allows faster transactions compared to bitcoin. We will detail some technical concepts below but here it is the course of Eos that interests us. What forecast for its short and long term variation? Its value, will it appreciate during the next days / months? Given its high volatility, is it the ideal crypto for trading? Here are the answers to these questions, they are based on the opinions and analysis of industry experts. 


Short-term Eos price prediction 


2021 was marked by remarkable fluctuations for Eos. The year is far from over, but opinions already diverge on the short-term price of Eos.  

  • Wallet Investor is a site specialising in technical and fundamental analysis. Its role is to predict the variation and evolution of prices thanks to the analysis of market data. Equity, crypto, ETF, nothing escapes the experts at wallet investor. The latter estimate that the price of Eos will settle around $5.1 by the end of the year.

  • Coinpedia is very optimistic. His bet for Eos by early 2022 is $22.75 a piece. He even hopes to see its price surpass the 40 US dollar mark by the end of 2022.

What to stick to? It is rare to see a forecast come true down to the penny. In the very short term, the best way to make money on the stock market is trading. It is an art that allows everyone to have their own forecasts through technical analysis. Before starting to trade in Eos, for example, it is possible to analyse your Eos price in real time and take short-term positions. 


Long-term Eos price prediction 


The current economic environment favours the rise of cryptocurrencies - Thus, buying Eos can prove to be an effective way to make money in the long run. If we take a look in the past, we will agree that the action of having invested in Eos from its inception represents a profitable investment. Will this be the case for the next few years? 

Currently, investing in cryptos is no longer just for individuals. Many institutional investors have started to take up the subject since the start of the Covid crisis. They support the value of cryptocurrencies in general and that of Eos in particular, which gives credibility to analyses that cryptos are a better investment for the future.  

But let's not get lost along the way; the real question you are waiting for is whether an Eos coin could trade for 50 US dollars or more within a few years right? It is impossible for us, and for everyone for that matter, to reveal a figure. However, one thing remains certain: the price of Eos will be subject to variations over the next few years. Will they be increasing or decreasing? It all depends on the adoption of the project by the masses. If the Eos blockchain captures large market share, the price of its token will follow an upward trend. If there is a loss of interest in the project in the future, its token will inevitably lose its value. 

An informed investor will therefore have to monitor the progress of the project. Are developers interested in Eos? Are new applications being built en masse on its blockchain? The answers to these questions should guide any investment decision.

EOS online trading platform

Definition: what is “Eos” crypto? 


The protocol behind the Eos project was created to facilitate the deployment of decentralised applications (DApps) quickly and without paying exorbitant transaction fees. Ultimately, the Eos blockchain aims to carry out millions of transactions per second unlike its competitors such as EthereumCardano or Tezos.  


Creation history 


Dam Larimer, the former chief technology officer at, is not new to the crypto industry. He is notably behind the Bitshares platform in 2014 and the Steemit project in 2016. In 2017, he started working on the EOS protocol. The goal, according to him, was to create a more scalable and scalable blockchain platform. That same year, released the Eos white paper. An ICO-type fundraiser followed. It was organised on the Ethereum blockchain. Led by, the operation raised $4 billion. Investors had received Eos tokens in return. 

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What is it for? 


The Eos cryptocurrency is the utility token (coin or coin) of the EOS.IO software. Indeed, it allows its holders to cast votes to participate in the governance of the protocol according to the number of coins they own. The quantity of Eos tokens defines the weight of a user in decision-making. These decisions concern the validation of data (token transactions, validation of the deployment of a smart contract, validation of updates, etc.) on the project blockchain. But how exactly does it work? 


Blockchain Eos: how does it work? 


The holders of the Eos tokens choose the validators on the network. These are called delegates or witnesses. Anyone can become one, however only 21 of them acquire the right (after the vote) to include transactions in a block. The consensus mechanism for voting delegates called Delegated proof of stake or "proof of delegated challenge".

Basically, some network users decide to put funds (in Eos tokens) in escrow in order to have the right to vote. Each sequestered token gives the right to thirty different votes, which are distributed among the delegates. The 21 delegates with the most votes get the right to include the blocks on the chain.

How to get Eos tokens? 


To date, cryptocurrencies are democratising at great speed. To get them, you have to go through specialised crypto platforms or more traditional brokers. These make it easier to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. How to do it practically? All you have to do is create an account on a platform, deposit money (the US dollar for example), by credit card or bank transfer, then validate the exchange between fiat money and crypto (Eos in our case) of your choice. 

But beware, it is important to know that specialised crypto-exchanges allow you to buy and transfer tokens to an external wallet while traditional online brokers, which we will present below, only offer exposure to the price of cryptocurrencies via CFDs (Contract for Difference).  


Obtain Eos via brokers 

  • Libertex has been an online broker in the market for over 20 years. It allows its users to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, etfs, etc. The minimum amount for deposit by credit card is 10 Euros (EUR). Beginners on the platform have the option of creating a demo account in order to familiarise themselves with its tools before moving on to real investment. 

  • eToro is the broker that has democratised social trading the most. It allows novices to copy strategies and positions of experienced traders. Whether it's for cryptos, stocks, forex or ETFs, eToro can automatically replicate the performance of some of its users. It is arguably one of the best platforms to buy cryptocurrencies like Eos safely. The user on the platform can choose to deposit money by credit card: minimum deposit of 200 Euros (Eur) or by bank transfer (minimum deposit of 500 Euros). eToro accepts other less used payment methods. 

  • is a broker offering CFD (Contract for Difference) financial products. They allow users to take advantage of price variation whether down or up. The minimum deposit at is 20 Euros (Eur) by credit card and 250 Euros (Eur) by bank transfer. is one of brokers that offer a wide range of assets. Its offering includes cryptocurrencies, stocks, currencies (forex), ETFs, etc. And as you can imagine, Eos is one of the cryptos available on the platform, in the form of CFDs of course. 

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Mining the crypto Eos


Mining does not allow you to obtain Eos tokens. Indeed, 1 billion tokens were pre-mined and distributed to investors when the project was launched. As we explained above, Eos uses proof of stake (staking) instead of proof of work (mining) to ensure the validation of its blocks. 21 delegates are chosen by users to participate in the verification of transactions and their registration on the channel. It is by this process that it is possible to obtain Eos tokens by participating in the governance of its protocol.  


Faucet + Eos


Can Eos coins be obtained from a faucet? For those unaware, an Eos faucet refers to a website or mobile application that distributes tokens (Eos) for free or to reward different tasks performed by users. These tasks may include, for example, taking a quiz, taking a survey or watching online advertisements. Unfortunately, some sites are created just to spam, collect personal information, or for scam purposes. Currently, serious faucets are rare. We don't know of any that give out Eos for free.

Wallet + Eos: how to find? 


A wallet (crypto wallet) is used to keep the tokens safe. Having one is essential for a long term investment. Indeed, it is not recommended to leave your cryptos (bitcoin, ethereum, Eos, etc.) on the exchange platforms. The latter are often victims of computer attacks which generally result in the theft of users' assets. To protect yourself, the solution is simple: regain control of your private keys by depositing your cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial wallet. 

There are several wallets that are compatible with Eos. All the same, we will agree that they do not offer the same level of security. Here are some examples: 

  • Desktop wallets: they are available for download on smartphone or computer. Ex. Atomic wallet, Exodus wallet, Trust wallet, etc. 

  • Hardware wallets: are hardware supports not connected to the internet. These offer the highest level of security. They allow public keys to be saved outside the internet, far from hackers. This is the case with Ledger, Trezor, Cool wallet, etc. 

Advice: should you invest in Eos?


Is it a good decision to invest in Eos tokens? First of all, it's important to know that investing in cryptocurrencies is too risky due to volatility. However, a look into the past may prove that despite the risks, investing in certain cryptos (like bitcoin and ether) for the long term has always been (until this day) a very profitable option. And now? Can we invest money in cryptos and hope to profit from it? Is Eos one of those cryptos with high potential? 



Analyses diverge, but everyone seems to agree that Eos's price seems undervalued. Indeed, it is eyeing around its annual low. Although the year is far from coming to an end, the cryptocurrency market seems to be regaining its colours after a correction of a few months. If the current market trend continues, in our opinion it is high time to take action, buy some Eos tokens for a long term investment. However, the less optimistic can still trade, profit from variations in its price without taking additional risks. Above all, don't forget this popular phrase which reminds us that there are risks to be taken into account: “only invest what you can afford to lose”. 



Eos is making its way under the shadow of the Ethereum network. The latter is the benchmark blockchain when it comes to smart contracts. For Eos to gain more prominence in the market, it needs to get in Ethereum's path. Will he be able to offer him a solid competition or even, in the best cases, dethrone him? It seems less likely to this day. Indeed, Ethereum seems to have become “too big to fail”. As long as this situation persists, Eos will face the risk of seeing developers and users ignore it in favour of the most popular protocols, Ethereum in this case.

Eos is also criticised for its centralisation. It was also the source of several computer attacks a few months after the launch of the network. In October 2018, a DApp developed on the Eos blockchain was the victim of a theft of more than $ 300,000. As recently as February 2019, a hacker managed to siphon off 8 million EOS tokens ($32 million at the current price) following the failure of one of the 21 nodes in the network. The centralisation of Eos seems to have sacrificed security. Still, a blockchain is supposed to be tamper-proof. You will understand, Eos has challenges to meet, as long as they are not, there will be omnipresent doubt about his future.


The ambition to conquer the decentralised applications market remains at the heart of the Eos project. Its mission to provide the crypto market with a scalable blockchain infrastructure appears to be a success. However, it's not all about speed. Security and decentralisation, unfortunately not very present at Eos, are two very important elements for a project that wants to be resistant to censorship and the dangers of annihilation by powerful entities, such as a State for example. 

Regardless, the crypto industry is still in its infancy. In the future, it is likely that the developers of Eos will manage to find an acceptable compromise between speed, security and decentralisation in order to come out with a protocol that is both scalable and secure. Could the course of Eos benefit from it? It is possible to bet on the future of Eos by its capital while taking into account the risks that we have detailed. If this is the case for you, you may know what to do from this article (we hope so) and most importantly, you know which online broker to go through. 

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.