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All you need to know about the price of ripple (XRP): evolution, prediction and advice

Ripple is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's ambitious project, rather designed for professionals in Finance and the banking world, continues to gain new followers among investors around the world. In this very dynamic cryptographic context, we are interested in cryptocurrency prices, their evolution and the predictions established over the course of expert opinions. More specifically, we focus our interest on the Ripple price, its history, its objectives and its project.

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We establish our Ripple opinion by doing a retrospective of its course since its launch in 2014 and we will explain in a few words the justification of this price during this period. Second, we determine the Ripple prediction based on advice from crypto experts: the Ripple future with a short term view, then the Ripple forecast with a long term projection.

Ripple price in euro (XRP EUR) in 2014


The crypto currency Ripple (abbreviation on the stock exchange XRP) was introduced on the stock exchange in 2012. During this year of introduction, the unit price of the token was around 0.092 euros. In 2013, with the physical creation of Ripple Labs, the price of Ripple averaged $0.014.

As of 2014, XRP crypto ranks in the top 3 for digital assets, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and can price around $0.058.

Ripple (XRP) price in 2015


The year 2015 is a very volatile period for XRP as its price rises and falls many times. A price of $0.0145 in January 2015, then a significant drop to $0.0057 throughout May. Finally, some stabilisation for the rest of this year.

Ripple (XRP) price in 2016

2016 is a year without major changes for Ripple crypto. The price remains in the general trend of 2015. One of the central elements to note is that the volume of trading increases considerably, which allowed the cryptocurrency to consolidate its place of essential digital currencies of the digital exchange.

Ripple price in euro (XRP) in 2017


After a sharp drop in the XRP EUR price to €0.008 (or 0.005 USD) in January 2017, a new surge was observed over the rest of the year with a peak of 0.29 euros in May 2017. This significant and lasting increase s 'explained by an overall uptrend in digital stocks, as well as a market capitalisation of up to $10 billion. It was during this period that Bitcoin (BTC) experienced its first all-time high. In December, the price soars to 3 euros per unit.

Ripple (XRP) price in 2018


2018 is a dark year for the Ripple token. Indeed, following the crash of crypto currencies, the Ripple Stock Exchange could only post an impressive tumble with a price which had to block at €0.20 (or 0.25 USD).

Ripple (XRP) price in 2019


Things improve a bit over the course of 2019 with an XRP token hovering around 0.41 euro ($0.50). A certain resistance sets in without offering a prospect above €1.

Ripple price in euro (XRP) in 2020


In mid 2020, the value of Ripple stands at €0.20. However, a positive fact must be taken into consideration. A consolidation between €0.25 and €0.42 confirms the strong positioning of the cryptocurrency on the market.

Ripple (XRP) price in 2021


The year 2021 has started badly for the creation of Jeb Mac Caleb since a lawsuit by the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) in the United States. Investors dissociate themselves from the project with a dramatic 63% drop in the benchmark XRP price to €0.63.

At present, the value of XRP hovers around 0.36 euros, but still with strong variations. Predictive opinions announce a stabilisation between €0.16 and €0.24 following the global pandemic.

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Ripple price and value prediction (XRP)


We are going to take stock of the forecasts on the evolution of the Ripple token. For this, we will base ourselves on the figures put forward by Trading Beats.

Short Term Ripple Price (XRP) Prediction & Future


In 2021, the Ripple price should not change significantly. It will experience real volatility but should stabilise in a range between €0.16 and €0.25.

For 2022 and 2023, the prediction of Trading Beats experts suggests an increase in the token value between €0.34 and €0.41.

Long Term Ripple Price (XRP) Forecast & Future


At what level can we evaluate Ripple in 5 years? It is quite difficult to project yourself this far into the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, they represent an investment that is both profitable and risky in view of their high volatility, which is difficult to predict. 

However, by following some logical trading rules, technical analysis on charts and fundamental, it is possible for us to project and give an economic opinion of the price of Ripple in France in 2025. According to several studies, we can hope that the XRP EUR token will reach its historic peak in the middle of the year (120 euros) and then by the end of 2025 a stabilisation at a unit value of nearly 40 euros.

Such a prediction suggests that it is an investment to be taken very seriously. First fact to report: its entry price is currently low. In addition, the Ripple project has more and more players, thanks to solid partnerships among professionals.

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Definition: what is “ripple (XRP)” crypto?


It's time to take a full look at the history, purpose, and operation of Ripple XRP.



Creation history


The history of Ripple begins in 2004 with a first project which bears the name of Ripplepay. The goal of this technological innovation is to create a decentralised system that generates a simple, fast and secure connection between commercial banks and their users. This is Ryan Fugger who is in charge of this ambitious project.

After several successive developments and improvements, the Ripple team noted in 2011 that it is essential to increase the speed of execution of the electronic payment system. This is why, during the year 2012, Jeb Mac Caleb joined the team in order to set up a first legal entity - OpenCoin - and its associated RTXP protocol.

The company Ripple Labs was founded in 2013 to take the place of OpenCoin. The token is thus placed on the active crypto market. It was chosen to use decentralised servers in order to maintain high speed of execution and simplicity of transactions throughout the world.

It was in 2016 that the precious sesame of BitLicence was granted to Ripple Labs, which allowed the company to seriously start its activity on the digital stock exchange. In 2017, its IPO with a capitalisation of 10 billion USD was its first step as a major cryptocurrency.



What is the ripple for?


Ripple coin is generally considered to be the cryptocurrency of banks. Why is that? 

The project revolves around 3 distinct entities

  • A FinTech start-up;

  • A cryptocurrency traded on the market;

  • A dematerialised payment system.

In other words, the company at the head of the XRP tokens has all the technological means to carry out in complete security, via the blockchain, payments and exchange services between each user. Several fiat currencies are tolerated by the system.

Ripple Coin is increasingly used by banks to conduct cross-border transactions with greatly reduced fees. Its speed (5 seconds per transaction) is an asset very much appreciated by finance banks.

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Blockchain ripple XRP: how does it work?


Before going into the details of how the blockchain works, let's establish some of the characteristics of cryptocurrency:

  • It is before an exchange network. That is, the blockchain was designed to carry out transactions between a bank and its user;

  • The operations are almost instantaneous. A definite advantage over the traditional bank transfer system;

  • The real-time gross settlement system (or RTGS) avoids a mining step and offers the possibility of transferring money from one user to another;

  • The Ripple protocol streamlines payments since exchanges between digital currencies and traditional currencies (called fiduciary) are integrated;

  • There is no mining because the number of tokens in circulation is fixed.

We recall once again that the main function of the XRP network is to facilitate monetary exchanges between 2 parties on an international scale. It is this characteristic that sets it apart from all other cryptocurrencies.

We've put together a step-by-step overview to explain the inner workings of the Ripple blockchain:

  1. A user transfers funds to another user through his bank. In euros, dollars, pounds sterling, it doesn't matter;

  2. It is the banking institution that performs the conversion of the transferred amount into XRP tokens. The coins are then sent to the bank in the destination country;

  3. Finally, the receiving bank this time converts the tokens into local currency and then transfers the money to the beneficiary of the transaction.

The great strength of the network is that it is based on completely independent servers. In other words, it is the users who validate each step of the process. This is totally different from the functioning of Bitcoin where the action of miners is central, without granting real autonomy in the use of the blockchain.

As a decentralised crypto currency, a blockchain protocol is essential, which is a guarantee of transparency in financial transactions. The blockchain is a public ledger. Any comment can be added for better readability. An update post is made regularly to ensure that no fraud is to be reported or that no transaction is to be blocked. A financial transaction post is made up of these data:

  • Date of operation with complete information in the backup items;

  • Volume transferred with backup;

  • Information of the sender and receiver in a backup post.

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How to get ripple (XRP)?


In this section, we address the issue that interests all traders. How can I acquire Ripples tokens? We will discuss the main methods: buying via a regulated forex CFD broker like eToro, mining and obtaining Coins rewards with Faucet Ripple.

Obtain ripple (XRP) via brokers


The safest and fastest method to equip your digital wallet with a Ripple token is to go through one of the many brokers available on the market.

Specialised platforms

Rather reserved for experienced investors, who have some knowledge of how the blockchain and the exchange network work, specialised crypto platforms (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken) are a very good way to acquire cryptocurrency, exchange it for another or store tokens in an integrated wallet, totally secure, taking advantage of the best prices and reasonable fees.

The choice of assets is wide. Exchanges, purchase / sale, transfer and storage are simplified. Many payment methods are available: direct credit card payment or payment on the balance of the trading wallet, paypal, bank transfer or even electronic wallet.

CFD brokers

This approach is recommended for all traders who wish to enter this market, without knowing the rules. The offer is vast with some common characteristics:

  • Simple and quick registration;

  • User friendly platform;

  • Important catalog of financial instruments: forex, stocks, commodities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies. The use of the CFD (Contract For Difference) format offers the possibility of speculating on the upward and downward trends, at any time, at a lower cost, taking advantage of the volatility of the prices of the products;

  • The leverage effect which makes it possible to make a loan from the broker in order to multiply its investment capacity. Watch out for the double-edged effect. Profits are increasing. The losses also proportionately.


On the eToro forex platform, to trade Ripple, all you need to do is:

  1. Create an account by filling in the data required by the forms;

  2. Validate your account by sending the supporting documents;

  3. Make a cash deposit using one of the available payment methods (credit card, transfer from your bank, Paypal, digital wallet). Minimum 200 dollar (or equivalent currency like EUR);

  4. Go to the Markets section or type in the search bar the name of the asset you are looking for (here Ripple / XRP) to display it;

  5. Select the asset and define the nature of the trade - amount, leverage, take profit. / stop loss - after performing a full chart analysis;

  6. Validate your position by confirming the order.

Note: eToro also allows you to trade many other cryptocurrencies, such as LTCCardano or Dogecoin.

In this case, the trader does not own the tokens. It simply speculates on short-term price changes via CFDs.

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Mining crypto


We have indicated it above. It is not possible to mine Shards or XRP tokens. The system of obtaining is very different from that of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). Its structure and use does not require the presence of miners to break the blocks.

In addition, the number of XRP tokens are in fixed quantity. Traders therefore do not have the opportunity to generate new crypto units and put them into circulation.

Faucet ripple (XRP)


Faucet Ripple is an alternative method to get Ripple Tokens. The crypto site was called before FreeRipple and runs on a script identical to Freebitcoin and Free-lodge. It's totally free. 

Its principle is simple. Every 60 minutes it is possible to collect what is running the cryptocurrency tap. The quantity is variable every hour. Between 0.0003 dollar and 300 USD. A sponsorship system with a 50% commission improves the acquisition rate. There is also a promo code given 2-3 times a day on Twitter to claim rewards more often. As well as an advertising remuneration system.

The Quit or Double option allows you to bet your chips to multiply or lose them. Perfect for casino players.

The withdrawal threshold for his Faucet Ripple account is set at 1 XRP.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

xrp coin falling from the sky

Ripple Wallet: how to find?

Let's first give a little definition of what a Wallet Ripple is.

Like any cryptocurrency, it is necessary. to have a storage wallet for its XRP tokens. This is what the Ripple Wallet is for, just like a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet. These main functions are sending, receiving and storing. This is step number 1 before you start buying the cryptocurrency to be sure you can secure it.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to XRP digital wallets. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • The Ripple Hot Wallets which are digital portfolios in line with their main advantages: Easy registration and access / Quick Exchange. Pay attention to digital security;

  • The Coinbase wallet is the wallet integrated into the user account of the Coinbase platform. Both safe and storage unit for exchanges. The fees are a bit high but the service is very good;

  • The Binance wallet is the home version offered by the Binance crypto platform. Easy to use, secure and practical;

  • The Ripple Desktop Wallets or storage of software installed on a fixed or mobile electronic device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Let us quote here Atomic Wallet or Coinomi which works very well as a mobile application;

  • The physical wallets which are, in our opinion, the safest option. A kind of USB key not connected to the Internet with almost no risk of piracy. A principle of real safeguards of the contents of the portfolio. Each backup is encrypted to guarantee the flow transfer during an exchange. Backups are instantaneous when used with a strong authentication system to block external intrusions. The main drawback is their sometimes high purchase price and their subscription.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Several factual elements, about. Ripple cryptocurrency garners positive reviews from analysts. and investors around the world. The bundle of these elements explains why this is an opportunity to be seized in 2021:

  • It is among the top 3 digital currencies in circulation with 1 billion tokens added to the network monthly. The other 2 references are Bitcoin and Ethereum;

  • The price of the token is very far from reaching its peak, unlike BTC which could eventually run out of steam;

  • Despite significant volatility, it must be recognised that for several years the price has remained within a range with little scope, which is a significant signal of its growth potential, and of limited risk;

  • The XRP blockchain is clearly the element that pleads the most in its favour with its great flexibility in the payment system (emission / reception / transfer), the speed of execution of operations, the great security that reigns on the network and its 100% decentralised dimension.




Cryptocurrency suffers from the same risks as other virtual currencies: exposure to volatility and the sustainability of the implemented project.

In our opinion, the risk inherent in its function should be put into perspective since the development of the network is done via institutional partnerships and all. in patience. Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is clearly the future of the economy. Unless there is a miscalculation, XRP tokens should continue to gain in value as they become established in the daily lives of users.

At the heart of cryptographic financial offers, the Ripple project has its place. It is very promising. As indicated by its positioning in the top 3 of the most traded currencies. With good reason, we consider that XRP EUR tokens are above all a safe haven, like gold. A slow and steady progression over the years which is consolidated with each additional level.

It is therefore recommended to take advantage of short-term price volatility via a broker like eToro, while placing some of your money in the longer term while waiting for the expected rise.