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Buying shares is a solution for investing in the stock market or for diversifying your portfolio. What is an action? It is a part of the capital of a company. You will therefore become a stakeholder in it and the profitability of your investment depends on the strategic decisions of the company. What steps to take to buy shares? What actions will you benefit from in 2021? Our experts tell you more...

The best brokers to buy stocks

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trading on etoro
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trading on libertex
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trading on binance
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admiral markets website
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Your capital is subject to risk. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Make money with stocks


By investing in stocks, you will be able to increase your wealth. It will also allow you to get money back faster than just relying on bank interest. With stocks, you will be able to get money in two different ways: through capital gains and through dividends.


Capital gains


To earn capital gains, it is enough that the value of your shares is greater than the price at which you originally bought them. So, for example:

  • You acquire 500 Netflix shares at 250 cents per share;

  • This is equivalent to a total investment of 1250 euros;

  • A few years later, a Netflix share is now worth 350 cents per share;

  • You then decide to sell all of your shares;

  • You will have obtained 100 cents per share (350 cts - 250 cts), and at 500 shares, this equates to a profit of 500 euros.

This profit of 500 euros is a capital gain. It is by acquiring when necessary and then reselling, at a higher price , that you will be able to benefit from capital gains and capital gains.

The dividends


You can also get money from stocks through dividends. This is part of the profit donated by the company of which you are a shareholder. The amount of this dividend may change from year to year, depending on the performance of the company. As for the payment, you will get it every three to six months. Note, however, that not all actions allow you to obtain dividends. Here is an example of a dividend case:

  • You have 1000 Orange shares;

  • The company pays dividends every three months;

  • This month, Orange announces a redistribution of the dividend of 6%, or €0.18 per share;

  • With 1000 shares, you will benefit from 0.18 x 1000 shares = 180 euros.

You can get dividends in addition to capital gains. So, the best strategy to make the most money is to invest in stocks that increase in value, while enjoying regular dividends.

How to buy a share?

How to buy a share on a trading platform for beginners

1 - Create an account on your favourite broker

Create an account on etoro trading platform for beginners

To register on Alvexo, simply go to the official page of the site and click on “Register”. You will have to fill out a contact form by entering your first and last name, your email and your password. Remember to verify your account before proceeding to the next step.

2 - Make your first deposit

making your first deposit on etoro trading platform

To make a deposit, simply click on “deposit” in the navigation bar at the top of the page. You will have to enter the amount, the banking option and you will just have to click on “Deposit”.

How to sell a share?

explaining steps on how to connect to your favourite broker and close a position

How to invest - Elements to consider 

If you are just starting out in the stock market, there are a few fundamentals that can help you take less risk. Here they are: 

How to invest in one of our trading platform comparison

How to analyse and search for an action?


Before buying a stock, consider certain things that tell you about the present and future of the business. In particular, you can trust: 

  • To the growth prospects of the company as well as of the sector of activity.

  • To its financial and accounting situation.

  • For the profitability of the company itself and in relation to its peers.

  • As well as its competitive position and competitive advantages.

If you want to adapt a good stock market strategy, it is also essential to know the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. The first, fundamental analysis, makes it possible to find the best companies, those with solid foundations with relevant growth prospects as well as a stable long-term financial position. As for technical analysis, it allows to know at a precise moment who dominates the market between buyers and sellers. This therefore makes it possible to open or close a position in a share, at the right time.



What type of stock can I buy?

explaining the type of stocks that can be bought

The best stocks in 2021

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I hope you enjoyed our trading platform comparison. We hope we've selected relevant trading platform for beginners with some of our trading platform fee comparison on show.