demo trading virtually preparing you for success

We keep repeating it. We will continue to repeat it over and over again. The profession of online trader is a high risk financial activity. It is therefore essential to embark on such an adventure with foolproof nerves, financial independence and the most in-depth skills possible in this very particular field.

Because nothing replaces experience in the field, the opportunity to train on a demo trading account is increasingly highlighted by many brokers. Is it really an essential step? What's the best way to profit from it? All our advice to prepare for your success using the demo account.

What is a demo trading account?


This is an interface made available to potential online traders where it is possible, free of charge, to register for online trading services. A fictitious capital (variable depending on the broker) is released on the trader account. The novice investor benefits from more or less extensive access to the financial instruments and functionalities of the online trading platform. It is, in a way, a test program in real conditions, since the products and their stock prices correspond to those of the financial markets in real time, without the fear of losing your investment capital.

What is the best trading simulator?


Thanks to the emergence of offers from specialised platforms, online trading has become a common way to invest money and make it grow in the short, medium or long term. It is useful to remember that trading assets on the stock market is a risky activity, where losing your capital is a very common scenario. Especially in the event of a partial or total absence of skills in the matter. This is why forex and CFD brokers (among others) integrate a trading simulator or virtual demo account into their system in order to simulate the use of the client interface, as well as the application of investment strategies... The stated goal of a free trading simulator is to learn risk management until you feel ready to switch to real money. Let's take a look at the best trading simulators on the web.

demo account avatrade

The Demo Account will look like the traditional version in every way

EToro trading simulator


eToro is a solidly established brokerage in stock market trading for retail traders.

The eToro trading simulator offers immersion in real conditions on a selection

of financial instruments. Users can explore, test and train (buy / sell) on a wide

range of trading tools to build their strategy and investment plan. The copy /

paste between the eToro demo account and silver interface offers the guarantee

of an easy transition when the user chooses to invest his money. The broker is

known for the great intuitiveness of its platform. Whether it is the forex or stock trading

simulator, the financial indicators to be applied on the charts are numerous. What to familiarise with the basic technical analysis to minimise the risk of loss when opening a position in buy or sell. eToro takes the experience further by providing a cryptocurrency trading simulator in its demo offer.

demo trading on etoro

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Libertex trading simulator


Libertex is one of the oldest forex, CFD and binary options brokers on the market. 

Since 1991, the trading platform has continued to improve its offer to guarantee a

secure and profitable experience for the most assiduous. The Libertex trading

simulator is a great technical success. On a computer or smartphone, future traders

benefit from an interface designed for progressive training in real life, without undergoing

the stress of the risk of financial loss. We particularly like the binary option trading simulator. This stock market asset is the hallmark of the broker Libertex.

demo trading on libertex

Admirals Trading Simulator (Admiral Markets)


Admiral Markets is a broker that is constantly expanding its offer to meet a majority of its clients' needs. The Admiral Markets trading simulator is a perfect example. When registering, the novice trader can open a demo account on any available account offer. The quality of the tools, the diversity of the asset offer and the flexibility of the interface are all arguments in favour of the broker.

The Admiral Markets trading simulator is available for 30 days after registration. It is an interesting, free and unlimited opportunity to get acquainted with how online trading works through the stock market trading simulator. A well-trained individual investor is a profitable future trader who has control over his risk management.

Free demo trading: is it possible?


Can we really speak of a free trading simulator? Admittedly, the proposal for a demo account is part of a rather intelligent loyalty policy. By giving free and unlimited access to their service offerings, brokers seek to make traders want to stay at home. Free access is not unlimited in time. Users, to take the next step, must deposit money either to continue training through the forex trading simulator or directly into a real money account.

Regular emails from customer advisers encourage people to step up a gear by unlocking additional features. The free trading simulator, via MetaTrader, is part of a much larger marketing strategy, which targets the deposit of real money by free clients.

Demo Trading: which assets to trade?


We have understood the concept of a trading simulator. However, this does not answer the question of which assets to trade. It is an integral part of the training process. Each stock market asset has its own mode of operation and reaction to the stock market. Choose a type of instrument to become an expert and become profitable, and then diversify your portfolio. Here are the main examples of assets to be traded in stock market simulation on a broker.

Why go through the virtual account trading phase?


Asset trading requires the application of well thought-out and proven investment strategies in order to achieve financial goals. If you do not come from a higher education from a business school or a university specialising in high finance, it is difficult to secure your investments and manage the risk as low as possible. Obviously, brokers have understood the importance of education in their commercial approach. Of novice traders with adequate theoretical support become, for the majority of seasoned investors and alerts know why and how to invest at some point.

However, this is not enough. Even for young graduates who thirst for success and big gains. A theoretical training does not replace the confrontation with the pressure and the anguish of the trader. This feeling, well known, sometimes pushes the professionals of the finance to react in an ill-considered or even irrational way vis-a-vis a real situation outside the comfort zone of the financier. The trend of your favourite asset is suddenly rising, and you want to buy in droves. Or his course collapses and there is panic on board.

Only the difficult experimentation of the reality of the financial markets can make it possible to see what wood we are made of.

demo trading online

The demo account is therefore an ideal opportunity to train to feel and manage this pressure without suffering the fear of losing your capital or even that of people who have entrusted you with their savings, within the framework of Mutual Investment Funds (FCP) by example. It is all the more important to increase the number of situations of this kind when it comes to the CFD (Contract For Difference) sector. In fact, the financial instruments which are treated in this way are very often underlying assets which are therefore subject to very high volatility. With on the one hand majestic jumps in quotations with amazing gains, and on the other with severe loosening which can be synonymous with bankruptcy. 

The demo account is a practical, engaging and risk-free immersion that provides traders who are new to all the useful tools in a framework identical to the harsh reality of the financial markets. This represents the chance to test, refine and confirm one or more investment strategies before placing any euro on an open position.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

What are the profits from the virtual trading demo account?


Beyond the objectives that we mentioned just before, there is a natural flow that takes place while we open a demo (or virtual) trading account. We have tried to categorise them into several general groups of good practice advice: patience, cost effectiveness, focus, attention.