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Since online trading is no longer the preserve of professionals, trading tools abound on the net, making it easier for individuals. Trading robots are particularly popular with beginners, who do not want to waste time in market analyses. This system allows, in fact, to carry out automatic trades and its use is very simple. The only concern, the trading robots available on the market are not necessarily reliable and, moreover, many of them are scams.

So for the year 2021, which trading robots to choose? To make your job easier, discover our selection of the best operators.

Which broker allows you to use the trading robot?

Some historic and particularly serious brokers have created their own trading robots with truly astonishing results. Other brokers mainly rely on their web trading software version such as Gold Binary Robot, CopyOp, Best Trading Robot, Ichimoku Bot, Copy to Win, Financial Smart Bot, InvestToCopy.

We are going to focus our attention on the more institutional brokers who offer this type of service in addition to their traditional platform.

Robot trading: How to choose the best?

Online trading is no longer reserved for a single elite of financial market professionals with large amounts of capital and extremely advanced technical knowledge. For more than a decade, online brokers have been offering specialised platforms equipped with a large arsenal of technological tools to make trading in financial instruments accessible to as many people as possible.

In this constant quest for popularisation, FinTech has given birth to autonomous robots which are supposed to control trades by themselves in order to generate profits without user assistance.

How reliable is a trading robot? How does it work? Where can we use it?

How to program a forex robot?

Keep in mind that a Forex trading robot cannot run efficiently without upstream settings. A trading bot is unique and requires specific programming . However, some basic criteria are found in all versions developed by online brokers:

  • the amount of each transaction initiated by the trading robot

  • the gain and loss limits or Take Profit / Stop Loss

  • operating time

  • the type of currencies traded

  • the level of strategic risk: low, intermediate or high

In general, these are the benchmarks on which a Forex trading robot will rely to determine which transactions it will manage. Obviously the kind of financial products influences a fundamental strategy. A crypto trading robot works much less at scalping than its Forex counterpart.

You understand. It is therefore necessary to know enough about web trading and the financial markets before embarking on a configuration of a trading bot.

How does an automatic trading robot work?

It is an automatic and autonomous management software for transactions on the financial markets. This is why its programming is essential for optimal performance. It needs a general defined framework in which to evolve. In terms of operation, it is based on mathematical algorithms developed by experts in the financial markets. The main mission of these complex formulas is to anticipate as well as possible the movements and trading trends in order to make the most interesting decision for the user's capital. The more risky the chosen investment strategy, the more the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the trading robot will seek to see far in order to generate the most possible profits.

The promise of the free automatic trading robot is to achieve, almost effortlessly, big profits with the help of intelligently managed transactions towards the best financial goal. Beyond this promise comes the level of reliability of these miraculous machines. Many online trading platforms have developed their trading robot without having the skills or the necessary perspective to provide efficient software. A facilitating tool then becomes a source of immense losses automatically.

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Nothing magic with the Trading Robot, everything revolves around algorithms!

Robot trading with eToro

eToro offers one of the best trading robots on the market, based on very powerful machine learning technology. Thanks to it, the broker has created very juicy investment products!

First, there is the CopyPortfolioMomentumDD. This determines which traders in the eToro network are most likely to make money, based on their historical performance. Then he collects all these traders and puts them in a wallet, which you can buy. In one sentence, with this robot it becomes possible to copy the best traders in the world in automatic mode. It is not for you to make the decision. Last year, this robot generated a profitability of 29%. It is passive income that cannot be refused.

Then, eToro developed the following trading robot: the OutSmart NSDQ. He chooses around 10 stocks from the index based on the decisions of his top traders. In this regard, eToro CEO Yoni Assia argues that “We have been able to demonstrate that some of our traders could in fact consistently outperform the NSDQ100 index over the past three years”. This trading robot is therefore very attractive. 

Finally, for automatic trading, we also recommend using the social trading functionality of eToro. Concretely, we can follow the best traders of eToro in real time, with supporting data. Of course, everyone follows the traders who best match their risk profile. It is very practical and reassuring. With one click, you can take the same positions as these influential traders. It's good trading and automatic cash flow!

MetaTrader - The best solution for robot trading?


The question of web trading platform hosting software is a topic that comes up regularly. MetaTrader? ProRealTime? What about when we add the automatic trading robot dimension?

The market is divided between these two softwares which are constantly improving in terms of ergonomics and functionalities, which makes online trading very comfortable, intuitive and secure. More marginally, some minor brokers are developing their in-house platform with often questionable reliability.

MetaTrader is truly one step ahead with its dual platform version: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

They work on the same principle with indisputable performance on all Market Makers, incredible real-time analysis tools that offer serene comfort in online trading. It is no coincidence that a large majority of leading brokers base their technical structure on MetaTrader.

The other point concerns the adaptability of the software. It is possible to customise it almost to infinity according to the needs and specialties of the broker. MetaTrader is ultra flexible without ever losing its relevance and speed.

If we combine these two major axes, we quickly realise that MetaTrader is perfectly suited to the integration of a trading robot from a purely software point of view. That it is then possible to graft the platform's exceptional performance to a complex automatic calculation algorithm residing in the trading bot. That the latter is continuously fed by a flow of data and analyses of quality and in time.

All these elements together make MetaTrader a very serious lead in finding an ultimate solution (reliable, efficient and profitable) to the issue of automatic trading.

The Robots Trading Scam - A Real Danger!

We cannot repeat it enough. Online trading is a risky financial activity. It is essential to educate yourself a minimum before starting, to be ready to lose the money invested - 70 to 80% of traders lose their funds - and to put up with significant mental pressure.

To this we add the dangers resulting from the malice and / or dishonesty of the players in this sector. Indeed, it is extremely tempting to be attracted by promises of quick, easy and effortless gains thanks to a Forex or crypto trading robot. As we have underlined above, a trading bot requires a configuration adapted to your objectives so that it can implement a strategy in adequacy and generate profits. However, some brokers do not hesitate to hide this part to lead to a bitter failure and recover funds in this way.

The other point concerns the reliability of automatic trading software or the platforms that host them. The mathematical algorithm that allows the AI ​​of the trading robot to drive your portfolio must be complete, reliable and scalable so that each decision taken represents a gain for you. A reliable trading robot is software that has been designed by one or more financial strategy experts. So even the unforeseen can be managed with the least possible damage.

Finally, a hosting platform that does not keep pace prevents full use of the robot. Decisions are made with latency that can shift a position from winning to losing.

Don't get carried away by the song of an overly attractive mermaid who promises you miracles.

Take the time to educate yourself before depositing any euro in an automatic trading system.

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Many little-known Trading Robots are sold as quick fixes on the internet. Beware of too tempting offers for false solutions which generally hide real scams...

A reliable robot to make easy profits

Using trading robots is arguably the easiest way to trade. Even those who have no concept in trading can perfectly exploit this kind of tools to make profits. No baggage is needed, not even computer knowledge. You just need to follow the instructions already given to start the transactions.

The choice of a trading robot is however decisive and it is necessary to read the conditions before starting. The operators mentioned above are in particular qualified as the most reliable for the year 2021. However, to choose, the best advice is always manual trading on brokers. Especially in the long term, robots remain, in fact, less good than humans.

If Robot Trading still seems too risky, or even too opaque, you can always go into trading on your own. Social trading according to eToro for example is a solution halfway between automated trading and real control on your part. Do not hesitate to consult their solutions to find out more.

Robot trading: which assets to trade? 


The phenomenon of the trading robot has invaded the online trading industry. All financial markets combined: crypto currencies, forex currency pairs and stocks on the stock market. A robot trader therefore turns out to be an all-terrain software tool that offers great ease of use in an automated portfolio diversification strategy.


Crypto trading bot 


There are several formats of crypto bot trading. Some brokers, or CFD broker partners, offer solutions integrated into the main platform. This is mostly a feature present in the interface reserved for real money customers or an extension (software) to add to their web browser. After a few settings, the trading bot works continuously on the cryptocurrency market by seeking the best opportunities in terms of volatility and liquidity: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.

The other increasingly widespread format is that of a web page whose main activity is a revolutionary algorithmic formula with very high success rates. After registering with one of the brokers referenced via an affiliate link, all you have to do is make the connection between the software and the trading account created on the platform. Relentlessly, the crypto trading bot will multiply the transactions in order to cash in as much as possible. This type of automated crypto trading is sometimes referred to as a Bitcoin robot. Let us quote for example: Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution or the French Formula.


Forex trading robot 


Forex is not pushed aside by trading robots. Quite the contrary. It is surely the first segment of the financial markets that has been annexed (and served as a test) by this new technology.

Whether it is via the replication of positions as part of a social trading platform or external software linked to an authorized trading account, the forex trading robot is useful for all traders who wish to automate their trades in a secure manner, and profitable.

This is an opportunity to increase its presence in this financial market with increased acuity and responsiveness. The bot, following the strategic configuration and its calculation algorithm, chooses the best options on the most liquid and volatile currency pairs: EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, USD / JPY, etc.


Robot Stock Exchange 


The Stock Exchange robot is the assistance machine dedicated to the equity / ETF sector.

On a principle similar to the forex trading robot, the software continuously scans the instruments made available by the source broker. The algorithm calculates the best probabilities of success and automatically invests real money by taking advantage of increases and decreases in stock prices. Equity CFDs are a real breath of fresh air for traders as they open up the possibilities for clients who want to earn money quickly, with the least possible risk and a relative presence by buying and selling. actions.

A bot trading configured (or dedicated) to the stock exchange avoids the expectation of long-term capital gain and guarantees to take advantage of price fluctuations at any time, without human intervention. Such a trading robot is not limited to stocks. ETFs are also affected. With a limited investment capital, it is possible to be able to speculate on ETFs like Lyxor, present on Euronext for example.

The Arya block is an example of an ecosystem dedicated to the stock market, stocks and other financial assets that can be supported by automated management software. This interface makes it possible to control a capital and its wallet by car with ease thanks to advanced technical analyses and graphics.

The life insurance industry is also affected by bots. The emergence of robo advisors is the expression of a market evolution. The digital advisor supports the client in his approach and in his choice of a portfolio according to his objectives. It makes subscription very easy. Management is cheaper and more flexible. The trade-offs are better decided because without affect. It is strongly recommended that you perform a valuation simulation and look at the content of the wallets before committing your money to a trading bot that speculates on the assets available on the stock market and constituting life insurance envelopes.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

How to choose a robot trader? 

Several criteria must be taken into account in order to choose the right Expert Advisor (EA) and to obtain a relevant trading robot:

  • Make the most in-depth comparison possible of the different platforms available by evaluating the quality of the training, the presentation of the auto trading service and the level of performance. If mathematical / scientific evidence is advanced, this is a very good point;

  • Whether it is a question of trading Bitcoin or an international stock, it is above all important to be sure that the auto trading robot works with a regulated, recognised and popular broker;

  • It is preferable to put in perspective the performances announced by the presentation brochure. Especially if no verifiable evidence is put forward. Too high a success rate can be the first indication that the trading robot is a scam;

  • In our opinion, the most important criterion, before using an automated bot trader service, it is essential to train a minimum in online trading. Understanding the relevant market, the mechanisms and functioning of the Stock Exchange and the risks of money loss inherent in capital investment is the best way to choose your EA with relevance.

Robot trading: mistakes to avoid 

How to avoid falling into an automated trading robot scam? How to minimise the risk of losses and increase your chances of winning? Our opinion on the mistakes to avoid with a robot trader:

  • Do not register on new platforms where visibility is zero;

  • Do not succumb to the call of outrageous marketing practiced by some auto robot platforms. Associating a celebrity's name with Bitcoin has never been conclusive proof of the real effectiveness of software;

  • Do not be wary of success rates and improbable performances, type 100%. No mathematical algorithm is able to prevent movements in the financial markets without any error;

  • Failing to inquire about user reviews and about trading bots;

  • Not checking the robot's conditions of use and seeing your money blocked;

  • Do not inquire about the practices of partner brokers. It is better to use automatic platforms which are associated with reliable brokers.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Robot trader: automated passive income? 


Can we consider that trading robots are the source of automated passive income like rent from real estate or an investment in a fixed rate savings account?

To a certain extent, if the quality of technical analysis and of the mathematical algorithm is sufficiently reliable, the use of a robot trader can be a source of regular money earnings without any human intervention. In the case of eToro, for example, and its social and copy trading platform, a trader may consider making a profit by avoiding daily monitoring of financial market activity. A single capital deposit with his credit card or Paypal account on his balance gives him access to Popular Investors who are the referents to copy, everywhere in the world. 

Whether it is forex, Bitcoin or stocks / ETFs, speculation on CFDs makes it very easy to multiply transactions over very short periods of time with potentially profit in the majority of cases. Broker eToro has reaped the greatest benefits from trading bots by minimising the risk of scams.

Robot trading review: scam or good plan?  


There is a popular saying which states that there are no bad tools but only bad workers. It applies quite well to auto trading robots. 

In concept, automated trading of financial assets through mathematical software is a very good thing. It relieves a lot of inconvenience related to this financial activity. Only a misconfiguration by traders or a fraudulent hijacking by an equally bad organization can be the source of a huge scam.

It is good to remember that there is no miracle solution to making money on the stock market. Before committing hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars with this system, it is imperative to understand how trading robots work and on which stock market levers they perform their analysis. Platforms that are too good to be honest can usually be found well in advance. Associating with a regulated broker with favourable reviews is another assurance of increasing your chances of winning.

Bot trader: is it the future?  


Some analysts and professional traders are starting to think that the bot trader could be part of the standard services offered by online brokers. Structured platforms on MetaTrader easily accommodate this service. And the vast majority of forex CFD brokers use the MetaTrader software suite.

More and more, copy trading is integrated into the commercial offer. We talked about eToro but we find it at Admiral Markets. The settings are more and more simplified with a step-by-step configuration, even for beginners.

However, nothing replaces human analysis, at least the supervision of operations. A mathematical algorithm cannot anticipate an aberration in the stock market, due to human reactions on a world scale. Trader bots are not (yet) able to cut positions that go against mathematical calculations.

Perhaps this service will become a standard to relieve traders. But it is not reasonable to let software run its capital out of control.